We provide full grooming services for all breeds equipped with high grade blades; groom stylings can be adjusted accordingly to your preferences. We also clip your pet’s nails.

Bath and Dry

The hydro-bath is a spa-like bath that uses pressurised water to help remove dead skin cells and loose coat. This increases your dog’s blood circulation, allowing them to feel relaxed. All baths include coat specific shampoo and conditioners. If your pet requires a specific medicated shampoo and conditioner, you’re welcome to bring it along for us to use that instead. The eyes are then cleaned to remove stains that can occur from teary eyes, followed by ear cleaning to remove excess ear wax build up.

This is followed up by drying your pooch with high-velocity equipment, which helps remove any leftover dead undercoat. The drying process helps leave an easy to clip coat, giving us a chance to stylise. Finally, we use a pet-friendly perfume, so you have a fresh smelling pooch