Our Story

In the year 2000, we found a stray poodle wandering on some train tracks in Lalor. At the time we could not afford to provide this pooch with care and grooming, so we opted to groom and wash him ourselves. From there, our dear mother and wife Rose fell in love with this hobby and began to acquire certifications to groom professionally. By 2001 Elegant Dog Grooming Service was in full operation with Rose and husband Alpaslan, providing salon and mobile services to residents in the northern suburb areas.

In 2017 our beloved Rose passed away after a long battle with cancer. Today, we carry on her legacy and continue to provide grooming services in a loving, caring, and gentle environment.

Meet the Elegant Family

Emir Kosyer

Assistant Dog Groomer

Alpaslan Kosyer

Founder and Dog Groomer

Erim Kosyer

Social Media Manager